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running out of hope and no money help me anyone!!!!!!!!!

ewingold18 started this conversation

This has been the most devastating year of my life. It all strted in march when i got in a major car accident with my daughter who was a year at that time fortunately no one was hurt only my pride. It took nearly 3 months to fix my car and i incurred a couple 1000 dollars worth of rental car expenses. The on easter i came down with pneumonia what a blow that was. Then in june my husband left us to move to miles city so now i am all by myself raising my daughter with little to no help from others and i am running out of hope. Then again i have car rouble and my car breaks down on the highway and this time i cannot afford to fix someday i guess. If things could get worse it will christmas is coming but not santa i wish we could skip the holidays it is sad i dont watch tv because i feel guilty to see christmas advertising. What a messed up year it has been I wish I could crawl under a rock and die!!!!!!1

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ewingold18   in reply to despertly poor
not the things you own, things dont make people happy, friends and family do
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despertly poor
I know hoe you feel I had a fire I lost my job then I got s new job that can't pay my bills I rented s room they stole my money got an spy and got evicted so I rented s basement studio the toilet was clogged
And the place smelled like a sewer and it had rats I had to get out of there and the land lord stole my security deposit then I had my truck towed I moved. But I'm leaving from osy check to paycheck I'm depress I'm di poor while all my family has money and big houses I font know what yo do
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Okay so its 2011 and it has been a little over 3 years since I felt like the world was ending. Since the last time I posted I quit my job to stay home and raise our 3 beautiful kids, had my last baby girl September 2009 and are focused on raising them within a loving household. My life is still filled with uncertainty, but I am certain I can make it through the worst of anything. I have cut my bills in half by eliminating any loan sharks, and credit cards, and only have 1 car payment, other car I bought cheap with cash. All I can say is life isn't easy, try not to be materialistic, make do with what you have and to always smile and be optimistic, even when life seems flooded with doubt. Take care all and Happy 2011
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 in response to Adviceer...   I wish my husband would let me date a mechanic! hehe
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 in response to ewingold18...   That is wonderful!!!
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It has been 2 years since I posted but life is going great. My hubby quit his job in Miles City to be with us and got a even better job.  I have had 2 more kids and life couldnt be better. I still have those ups and downs but they arent so bad compared to what I have gone through in the past. There is hope out there and always being optimistic has proven to be successful. I am scarred unfortunately by those rough times but I will never be in that situation again because I learned from it. Thank you god for all you have done for me and my family I truely believe in you! Thanks

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 in response to missylady...   

yea keep the faith....the sam struggle for me...dont stop...

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It seems like the best thing you can do when you have no money to fix your broken car, and your husband left you,   is to date a guy who knows hos to fix cars ;)


 How have you been since you posted?

Did christmas turn out to be ok? 





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